I am interested in the theory of Biophilia and the human relationship with plants, animals, minerals. My prints are inspired by the awe and wonder one experiences whilst observing natural phenomena. 

I enjoy learning about old and new ideas that humans have had about nature, from myths and folktales to cutting edge scientific theories. Often there are clear parallels or intriguing similarities, which raises deep philosophical questions for me on what knowledge is. 


Becky is an artist and illustrator based in York.
She combines a variety of processes to create her work; collage, print-making, stitch and drawing are used most frequently along with digital processes.
She recently completed an MA in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University, where her practice was deeply influenced by research into ritual.  
Visually her work is an eclectic mix of historic and contemporary visual culture, that explores the themes of  ritual, play and wonder.

“I am interested in developing large scale interactive artworks that offer audiences a form of escapism or allow them agency over the work in some way.”

Becky worked as a lecturer in Art and Design and now uses her teaching experience to extend her practice by working with the public and community groups. She believes that art plays a vital role in people’s lives and that everyone should have the opportunity for creative expression.

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